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Let’s talk about us

Cognitive Research and Innovations Pvt Ltd [CRAI] is a Bangalore based company working towards excellence in research and development. It believes in pursuing business through innovation and technology. The people behind CRAI are a highly motivated set of specialists and industry experts that together hold over 100+ years of combined experience.

Each individual is working towards the goal of becoming a leader by providing world-class products, services, education and profitability. HID-e is a monolithic-software by CRAI that helps in carrying out a number of management tasks using just one application. It is designed to improve communication and seamlessly organize tasks and processes across the company.

Our Expertise

We at CRAI are experts at solving problems using integrated solutions. HID-e is a great product that showcases our strengths as a company capable of making software that can singlehandedly take care of all project management needs of a customer. With the help of a dynamic team we have been able to create HID-e, which makes project management solutions existing in silos a thing of the past. Software makers in this space have a new industry benchmark to come up to.


Common Platform Direct Communication System takes care of all possible communication in the business. You don’t need to worry about the effectiveness of communication in your organization again. From push mails to reminders HID-e is designed to handle everything seamlessly. Push messages to voice calls, reminders to conferences.

img Enterprise Grade Security and Privacy

Security is at the core of HID-e’s design and architecture. Proper encryption of internal and external communication as well as any files or project related information is taken care of by HID-e. Data security and privacy are strong features of the HID-e application.

img Polyglot Persistence

With Polyglot Persistence architecture the HID-e database is designed to solve all kinds of problems. No matter how complex the business requirement, the software is made to take care of all possible contingencies. It enables effective collaboration between the numerous functions and processes in the business effortlessly.

HID-e: Your trusted partner for all project management needs