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What is HID-e ?

HID-e is an eco-friendly, unified, highly productive, hybrid Enterprise Content Management platform. Empower business to generate value from their heterogeneous data collected from the various sources and business. Asynchronous Process & seamless integration, cognitive analytics & simulation are the unique features & critical for the effective decision making.


Say Good bye to Information chaos

Connects people, process, systems and technology. HID-e combines analytics, collaboration, governance and processes with anywhere, anytinme access to deliver value to your customers, partners and employees.

  • Improve customer and staff engagement
  • Ensure complience
  • Automate processes

Key Benefits

  • Operational efficiency of IT services and TCO of system implementations.
  • Flexibility in speed of deployment
  • Simplification and Consolidation
  • Global system of Record & Enterprise Compliance.
  • Globalization of Services & universal availability and accessibility of Content
  • Information explosion from internal and external sources.
  • Anywhere, anytime secure access to any content, through any device

Why Choose HID-e ?

If you have been struggling with products that are good at solving one problem, but fail to effectively collaborate with another solution then HID-e is your answer. It is a monolithic platform covering various technologies. It plays a crucial role in enabling businesses to manage and collaborate across departments. Additionally, it helps in mitigating chances of loss or failure of any project or task or process. HID-e operates in a polyglot environment, with CPDCS technology and it is designed to:

  • Document Management System (DMS)
  • Business Process Management System (BPM)
  • Knowledge Management System (KMS)
  • Project Management System (PMS)
  • Help Desk & Incident Management
  • Web Content Management System (WCM)
  • Enterprise Intranet Portal (EIP)
  • Audit & Complience Management
About HID-e


HID-e is a monolithic software that singlehandedly solves all your software needs for your multi-directional projects and other important tasks.


With HID-e you will start witnessing improvement in your company’s performance. By effectively handling things like time-management, communication, tracking and work-flow HID-e will help you run your business efficiently.


HID-e can help with troubleshooting, implementation challenges or upgrading needs. We devote significant resources in providing you excellent support so you can have a seamless experience. We also provide access to articles and easy to follow video tutorials.

Frequently Asked Questions

HID-e is a monolithic-software, which solves all kinds of business needs in one place. Buying different software for different business departments involves a lot of cost that you can save through HID-e. Time management, communication, work-flow and infrastructure dependencies are some problems that HID-e solves. It also provides solutions for compliance, inspection, audit, procurement and a total of 12 business processes.
HID-e operates in a polyglot environment, with CPDCS technology and has a multi-tenant architecture along with enterprise grade security and privacy. It is your one stop solution for all your software needs.
HID-e has a flexible pricing model. It will be based on your requirements and scale to meet expectations.
HID-e is committed to providing you excellent support and it will continue to invest significant resources to strengthen its support team. For any assistance on troubleshooting, implementation challenges or upgrading needs there is a team of skilled support staff to help you at every step. The support team is based out of Bangalore.

We at HID-e have 100+ years of combined work experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

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