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Complex Task Management

Collaborates and help manage complex tasks organization wide and seamlessly communicate with teams across geographies to achieve goals & objectives.


Simplifies and strengthens compliance adherence by providing a common platform to manage a range of regulatory and corporate controls in a central framework for execution and monitoring.


Enables to create, analyze, communicate and correct incidents, helps to prevent a future re-occurrence collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to escalate the issue and seek prompt resolution.


Help manage, track that Performance Management and Responsibility Assignment with goal to ensure the department’s objectives are met as per strategic guidelines.


Interactive dashboard, mobile enabled predefined checklist / to-do-list template for inspection activities.


Streamline, identify, verify and implementation of action plans- audit management in your organization with a powerful and transparent workflow.


Simple procurement & auctions system which enables the entire purchasing process from beginning to end as transparent function with business stakeholders.


Collecting Prompt feedback by conducting online surveys among employees or customers or partners or stakeholders is made easy.


Conduct effective meetings and town hall events, starting from creating agenda to minutes of the meeting, actions and final takeaways. Access meeting content in real-time from anywhere.


Engage large audience at a click of the button and ensure attendance with active communication with the help of CPDCS technology.

Reverse Auction

Take complete control to the buyer and supplier interaction real-time management of bids and opportunity to updates as the auction progresses through completion.

Panic Situation Management

Manage and respond to a situation of Panic efficiently, facilitate exchange information for prompt action during the crucial time, reduce downtime and business impact.

HID-e: Your trusted partner for all project management needs



Time Management

Never falter on a deadline. HID-e makes sure that the individual or department entrusted with the task completes it on time. It can also decide how much time should be devoted to each task and can follow up till it the work gets done.



HID-e streamlines communication throughout the organization using the Common Platform Direct Communication System (CPDCS) technology. Send reminders, push messages, SMS or even phone calls once you have created a line item. Improve collaboration through communication and get the work done.



Monitor any aspect of your business from a single platform. See how work is progressing across teams and departments and stay on top of things. HID-e gets rid of solutions that work in silos and makes tracking performance easier and quicker.



Efficient management of the day to day aspects of your business with least amount of human labour improves productivity of the organization. HID-e improves inter-department communication, which removes redundancies and the follow-up process makes sure deadlines are met improving productivity.


Avoid Procrastination

As soon a task is fed into the system there can be no delays or negotiations about its completion deadline. HID-e gets the work done with the help of follow-up emails, messages and communication with supervisors.



Based on the urgency of a task you can prioritize tasks that need to be done. Organization wide view on a single platform helps you make informed decisions about which tasks to prioritize.



Simplify workflow management hugely with HID-e. Make workflow smooth and efficient by using the management tools provided in the software. Solve all inter-department workflow challenges with HID-e’s superior single platform workflow management options.


Standard Operating Procedures

Complete tasks as per the guidelines and set procedures. HID-e ensures standard operating procedures are followed and the organization is in compliance with the laws governing that industry.



Improve collaboration by bringing the entire organization on a single management platform. Make communication between departments smooth and stay on top of situations across verticals.


Document Management

Manage and store millions of files generated by the organization in a simple and secure manage. Make important documents available anytime to members of the organization. HID-e gives the simplest solution for storing and managing sensitive documents.


Licensing Costs

Bring down your software licensing costs significantly. HID-e eliminates the need to license and renew multiple software for multiple departments. It takes care of all departments under one umbrella.


Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability

Keep all proprietary information safe with HID-e’s enterprise grade security and privacy. Maintain the integrity of the information and make sure it is available on demand anytime. Make information storage and management hassle free.


Vendor Management

Effectively communicate and co-ordinate with vendors, contractors and sub-contractors by using HID-e. It takes control of the organization’s requirements from vendors and makes sure those requirements are met on time.


Easy to Use

No training required to learn how to use HID-e. It is user-friendly and easy to understand. Getting started with HID-e is simple and a matter of days. When you subscribe to HID-e we give you access to help articles and video tutorials. .